About Us

About Us

With more than 100 translators at our employ we provide a whole range of translation cum editing services covering nearly 60 languages. Our services include translation of a simple memo to a complex technical manual, certificate translation, law content, medical content and much more. We have services to cater across multiple industries including legal, medicine, Engineering, IT, hospitality sectors over websites, application, warehouse of documents, software codes, etc.

Why should you hire us?

We offer a specialized translation platform for all our customers, through certified and skilled professional translators who will ensure that your job is completed efficiently, within timelines and in a more affordable manner. By hiring our services, you get,

a) Assured Quality
b) Native writers, translators and editors
c) Faster turnaround

Assured Quality

We use multiple layers of technology and the right mix of people to provide you with the best solution at an affordable cost. Our translators and reviewers are rated both automatically and manually prior to employment so that your work is not compromised on quality. We also have a real time system to review, done by a panel of translators and editors to ensure that there are no potential errors.

Native writers, translators and editors

We have more than 100 translators employed at our organization, many of whom are native to the language and are highly versatile with it. This helps us to provide you with results that are top of the quality and in line with our client requirements.

Faster turnaround

Given that we have many people at employ, we strive to provide you with a faster turnaround by splitting the work among the team. We are very committed to the timelines that we agree with our clients and we live by delivering it on time, every time.


Our team functions based on the below core values.
a) Ethical workflow.
b) On time delivery
c) Customer satisfaction
d) Cost efficient

Our Vision

Removing any barriers created by language and ensure that the information is disseminated without any distortion of facts.

Our Mission

To become one of the top quality TEP providers offering quality services to our clients at an affordable cost.