Proofreading Services

The text that you post in your website and your company documents is what reflects the image your company has in the global platform. You wouldn’t want it to fall short for a few grammar errors and a few spelling mistakes. Your business cards, your mails, your policy documents, even your simple FAQ page has a strong impact on your customers and viewing audience. They can make for loyal relationships to bloom or let the existing relationships to wither away. This is exactly why you need a proofreading service of experts who have an eye for detail and who can ensure that your idea or the crux reaches the target audience without any confusion.

Mistakes are bound to happen even if the document has been drafted with utmost clarity and there have been many genius minds at work. A simple twist in the sentence can convey a wrong meaning and hence cause you your business. This is the reason why many employ professional proofreading services as a third point of view to review the contents and find/ correct any mistake in the same. In our experience we have come across errors that could have been avoided if only the content has been proofread by a professional service person.

If you are looking for professional proofreaders who have both experience and expertise in the field then you need not look any farther than All Time translation services. With expertise and proficiency in more than 60 languages we can serve you better from recognizing a simple typo to eliminating a more complex grammar error. With your customers being well versed in their native dialect, they will be quick to spot even the most complex of the mistakes. You don’t want to look silly in front of them, do you? Employ our professional language experts to review your content and be ready to face more happy customers.

It is a common perception that people consider those who speak their language as one of their own. So you are definitely going to win many hearts as you speak their dialect without any mistake. In order to do so, you need not just a language expert but you need an expert who is a native writer/ speaker of the language. With more than 100 language experts and native language speaking persons, we offer you the largest team for all your language related requirements.

As part of our proofreading services, we offer proofreading of,

  • Fictional and non-fictional full length manuscripts.
  • Books, novels, short stories
  • Screenplays and scripts.
  • Personal and business correspondence
  • Marketing proposal and business proposal.
  • Presentation related to marketing, sales and other business related.
  • Speeches, lectures, research papers
  • Newsletters, whitepapers, documentary articles, instruction manuals, brochures, etc.
  • Profiles, reports, biographies.

We take our work seriously, be it a big or a small one and we are 100% committed to customer satisfaction. There is a whole gamut of options to choose from our services list and contact us today to get a free estimate on your project.

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