Translation Services

Are you looking for a reliable translation service provider to translate the document on hand? Then you have definitely come to the right place as All Time Translation offers you support over 60 languages and we have certified professionals doing the job for you. Our objective is to provide you an efficient output that is reliable, precise and affordable and we do so in limited timelines. We handle anything from software related, advertisements, and localizations to even the internal policy document translations for your company. We also handle simple one page memos to complex white paper reports with precision and professionalism.

With our experts well proficient in multiple languages, domestic and foreign, we have the necessary resources to provide you with the necessary output accurately and well within your budget. There are products which we have managed to finish in a span of few hours and those which we have completed in a few days. However big the project might be, we commit to a timeline after analyzing the scope and we stick by it. Our customer reviews and testimonials are standing testament to our commitment towards customer satisfaction. It is our goal to provide the best translation services at a rate that is beneficial to both us and our clients.

Our team comprises of experts who are not just masters of a language but who are also well versed with the various dialects of the same language. In a country like India, where there are so many languages spoken within a state and with every language following a different pattern in different cities, you need the help of professionals in our team to make the best translation of your documents. We have been offering translation services across multiple industries and our project exposure has given us the much needed experience to handle any kind of technical documents with confidence and accuracy.

We offer a variety of translation services with a pre- hand knowledge of languages. Our services include:

  • Business Translation Services: We provide translation of any document required in day-to-day business life.
  • Certificate Translation Services: We provide translation of School certificate, Diploma Certificate, Graduation Certificate, Birth certificate while maintain it's format.
  • Medical Translation Services: We offer translation for various medical equipment manuals, medicines manuals and so on.
  • Website Translation Services: We offer website translation service for more than 60 languages.
  • We offer professional translation services and are always available near me on a click of your mouse."

As part of our translation services, we assure you of,

  • A translation done completely by human experts and not churned out by machines.
  • Natives who speak the language to help with a better translation of the documents.
  • Quality which is always our top priority when it comes to handling any project big or small.
  • Experts in every domain and every industry to lead the technical content translation.
  • Varied industry experience including medical, banking, IT, infrastructure, legal, finance, manufacturing, etc.
  • A very strong infrastructure and technology to provide you the result on time and with high efficiency.
  • Affordable pricing where the customers can choose from the different packages (per word, per page, per minute, etc.)
  • Support even after completion of translation to answer any queries that may arise without any additional cost.
  • Dedicated team, project manager and support staff to help you every step of the way.

It has been our constant endeavour to offer you the best of the translation services in the world and we work towards providing you the same. You can get in touch with us for a free estimate for your project and be assured that we will treat your project with utmost care.

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